Monday, February 15, 2010

Budapest II

Castle Hill - was just a staircase up from my bed and breakfast.

Cute guys.

To the left were views of Pest and the Danube.

Orange and Aqua, my favorite colors. I was looking at an orange purse in Pest, and the guy said, "You must be a happy person if you like the orange." Yes, I thought.

Look, they even had a vegan restaurant. How evolved! Veges are everywhere. Ha.

The Parliament. Nicer than our White House I think. Also circa 1986.

Chain Bridge. Again, windy as hell. But lovely.

Neat old lights.

Dethawing in a coffeeshop akin to Starbucks but called Coffee Heaven. Look at that family having a great time together. Feeling the love on Valentines day...

Tiles from the Synagogue, which is the second largest in the world next to NYC.

More synagogue and the tree of life memorial.

A pretty alley.

Not sure what this is but there is Litzt sitting on the side of the building.

One of my fav attractions was the OLD metro line of 1896. Amazing.

Castle in the park.

The Szenchenyi Baths. Where you go in hot and cold pools, saunas, etc.

I love the beautiful naked ladies.

Inside the lobby before I went tubbing.
The End.
Summary and recap:
-Budapest is very manageable on foot, though can be supplemented with a little public transport.
-Best attractions in my mind: Old Metroline (yellow), Great Market, Palace of Arts.
-People are very nice and friendly and seem to dress more wildly as they age. Yay.
-It's still a poor country, though hard to realise that, the average wage is only around $6000 US per year.
-It's not cheap by any stretch. My B&B was $75 a night in off season (single person rates) at best 2 stars. Musuem entrys were about $15 each. 10 subway tickets, $12, Coffee $4. Still worth a visit. Two to three days is plenty. I'm not sure what I would have done with an extra day, the inside of the Parliament I guess.

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