Monday, December 29, 2008

Taiwan musings

I'm in Tainan, south of Taipei, on the west coast of Taiwan. Grace and crew headed back up to Taipei and I headed off on my own to see more of the country via train and bus. It's pretty easy, as there are Taiwanese angels on every street corner just waiting for me to pull out my map or guidebook and look lost. They're very sweet and helpful and even tell me that they like Americans. Ha.

Today I was at the Altar of Heaven, a Taoist temple, where I sat with a local woman who shared all sorts of things in a very short time, including her belief that Obama was Lincoln reincarnated. She had two sons, one daughter and two grandchildren aged three and five. By the time we were through, I'd learned the principles of Taoism, her entire life history, shared a cup of tea, was sent off with a plastic rain poncho and advised to go home early because it was dark and I was alone.

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