Monday, December 22, 2008

Airport Contemplations: Take 2

Sometimes I wonder, "Am I wasting my life?" What constitutes"wasting?" I am certainly living more that I ever have before- I guess that is the biggest thing. I've never been as connected to our fellow beings, our tress, our butterflies and birds and dogs and creatures as I am now.

It's the simple things, like sitting here watching people when I don't understand their words, but they're laughing and smiling, walking together, carrying their kids on their shoulders. I understand their language of humanity and love.

The thought of returning to a regular life where I rise and follow someone else's schedule, someone else's rules sounds painfully restricting right now. I can't help but think I'm getting older, but that would be happening regardless of my status in life. (Unless more grim happenings come about... Heh.)

If life is about loving, learning, and living then I should have no regrets or doubts about this time. I only hope to better understand my fellow earth-mates and share my spirit throughout the world.

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