Thursday, December 25, 2008

Singapore and Taipei Photos

Man-made cave in Singapore Botanical Gardens. Good place to hang out when it's 96 degrees and 100% humidity.
The stage in the Botanical Gardens in Singapore, where I whiled away an entire day. Sometimes you have to take it easy. I also met a guy (Paul) at the info center who had a great view of the world and had done his undergrad in Wyoming, of all places!

It was roots on a tree I think. Good colors.
The Mosque in Singapore. I met a Muslim girl there who answered all my questions about Islam- talked to her for about an hour... Just gorgeous inside. It seems like most religions have the same core values. Unfortunately, most also see men as the leaders and more highly evolved. I have not found one yet that I am willing to ascribe to.
Flying to Taipei on KLM airlines. What a treat. I even like the window artifact on this picture. It's ok.
All the buses in Taipei look like this. See the driver in the back door? That's their normal work attire, year round. It's Christmas every day in your heart! Serious. Heheh.
Taipei 101, currently the tallest building in the world. Lots of shops at the bottom, office in the middle and very expensive viewing platform at the top. There seems to be a theme in Asia with this shopping thing.

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Auntie Verdle said...

That is Merry Christmas in traditional Chinese which is as close as I can get to what is official in Taiwan!
We miss you. It is 19 degrees 52% humidity here which is quite a heat wave!
Off to San Antonio TX in the AM which will be "tropical".
Love, Auntie D and Unka JR