Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photos- Ko Pha Ngan, Georgetown, Cameroon Highlands

I found these guys on a hill in Ko Pha Ngan. They were just too cute. I'm gonna have these on my compound in Montana someday instead of gnomes. Well maybe gnomes too.
Sunset on Ko Pha Ngan. Can you feel the peace?

Jackfruit, my new favorite fruit (it's about 8 inch in diameter.) Those little sections come out and you eat them and they have a little, well big, seed in the middle. Don't eat that part!
Turtles at the Temple. There were hundreds of them!
Typical Polish Tourist (Mateusz). We met on the minibus travelling from Thailand to Malaysia. He was with his friends who were working in KL (Kuala Lumpur) and they were going home. We were both going to Georgetown/ Penang. Ended up spending two days wandering the city on foot and bus, passing a dead rat and dolphin along the way, getting free tofu-brown sugar dessert from an old Muslim guy in a wheelchair, smoking a few menthol-clove cigarettes, and bargaining like you've never seen before! I learned a bit about Poland in the process. They sure like KFC! Heh, heh.
Me with the best Chinese year-- my dragon.
Kek Lok Si Temple from the top of the Pagoda.
His Girlfriend.
Pineapples and fire--two of my favorite things, together! Just like Reese's cups! :) Only I don't really like Reese's Cups.
Check out the pantaloon shorts on this lady! If only you could see her dance (no torso movement at all). Mateusz thought she would be good at elephant riding.
Too bad we didn't have any marshmallows. After the festival to rid evilness was over, they burned everything. It was very hot. This was across the street from our guesthouse.
The guesthouse, 75 Traveller's Lodge, in Georgetown, formerly an antiques place- now owned by a professor of architecture who is currently a visiting prof in Tasmania. It's over 100 years old and filled with antiques.
Kenny, the 75 year old man who saved us from sleeping in the streets and gave all the inside info on the guesthouse and Georgetown. He also lived in Queens for a while.
The morning light- that end room with the bars was one of the rooms. Not a lot of privacy, but a ton of character.
I was just amazed by the lighting in there that morning...
Me showing my "American-ness" during my favorite pasttime, riding buses. Why is it that all my foreign friends take me to American fast food places?
All the sidewalks were covered in archways and painted beautiful colors in Georgetown. It was my dreamtown, colorwise-- just gorgeous.

I just liked the ground here. You know me and rocks and leaves, we have a serious thing going.
Cook Islands take 2. The guidebook said this was a paved path and the locals said it would take about one hour. Either I am blind and out of shape or they were not telling the truth!
The satellite dish makes it everywhere!
Cameroon Highlands tea plantation, where I took a tour of the tea factory and learned the process of tea making. Afterward, I walked back through these fields with a German girl and Swiss guy. Only fell once. Hehe. I have an affinity for the ground. I really should have been shorter. It would have been much safer for me.

When my camera battery died for the day. So sad!
I am headed to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow for a few days then to Singapore, after which I will fly to Taipei to see my friend Grace for the holidays. Carrie is joining me in Thailand on Jan 9th just after the stroke of midnight. We'll be embarking on a sister's tour of Northern Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

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