Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Photos from Ko Pha Ngan

Best Pad Thai Ever

Ko Pha Ngan Coast from the lighthouse
View from my hammock in front of our bungalow
Our attack dog
Our window
Our ceiling
Our room

Oh just for your interest... here's all my worldly belongings- left in storage in Auckland.


CarrieAnn79 said...

Ouch...my arms hurt from vaccines...Hep A & Typhoid. Getting excited & nervous to come. The food looks delicious!

Auntie Verdle said...

The pictures are wonderful and it sounds very relaxing! Maybe I will crawl into Carrie's suitcase - I have all my vaccinations! And I love Pad Thai.
Enjoy your time, nieces.
Auntie DJ

Christian said...

It was nice to meet you there... it's a pitty, that we had to leave so early. Had a great time there!

sara said...

Oh I might still need typhoid! Hey Christian, you didn't miss a lot at the Full Moon- it was pretty quiet this year I think with the airport issues... Bosh!