Friday, December 19, 2008

KL and Singapore

I can't write much. Not enough sleep last night to type any words of wisdom, other than it's a little strange that Christmas is approaching and I am in the heat and humidity.

Hmm. They look upside down. Please stand on your head now and you will get the right idea.
The local barbershop. I didn't have time for a haircut. So sad.
My bunkbeds...
More of the guesthouse.
My guesthouse. And there was an optical down below. I was just meant to stay there.
I The monorail. I love all forms of public transportation.
The old train station in KL. Pretty hard to beat that architecture.
The National mosque in KL. While I was sitting there a voice started coming from the tower. Then it started singing.
I had to get a fancy coffee. Or I was going to die. It looks better than it tasted.
View from Petronas Twin Towers sky bridge. On the 41st floor. Not for those with fears of heights. Luckily I've gotten over that problem.
Have you ever seen such a cute little toilet? (This was in KL.)

The Art Museum. It was an old something. I forgot. It's really late here! :)
Me in this silver egg piece of art. I think it's one of my more original self-portraits.
The canal in Singapore. It doesn't look very Asian.
Merry Christmas from Orchard Road, where they have miles and miles of shopping malls- it's a personal hell for me. I hate those places. I don't know who is shopping so much to keep them open. It makes me nervous.

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