Thursday, June 9, 2011

The sky is falling!

A few remnants from yesterday in Kotor:

Reading under the tree behind a church. I was very happy, it was sort of a hidden alley, half fenced off so not a through way for tourists, who are in abundance in this small town.

This morning, I arose early and wandered after a tasty espresso. Seeing this hulking eyesore in the harbor, I thought, "I hope I never have to get on one of those things." I am sorry if that is close-minded, but I think it is probably true.
The sky, black like night at 10AM. I was quite fearful of an unintentional shower, but it never came.

Still, I love the dark foreboding clouds. Sometimes in life it looks like a storm is ahead and you prepare for it, but then it turns out to be a sunny day instead. It doesn't mean that it was a waste to reflect on the darkness. Darkness is what makes the light beautiful too. They work together like that.

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urh said...

gorgeous. thank you for sharing your lovely pics!