Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pretending to live in Berlin.

Reminders of the states persist.
I wonder why we don't bring back suspenders a bit more?
Walking to my daily park, I came upon interesting buildings.
Which turned out to be an elementary school.

Templehof Airport was expanded by the Nazis in the 1930s and used until 2008. The city had debates on what to do with it, but decided in May 2010 to open it as a park. The old terminal building lies vacant, with signs intact for flights of the past.
It's hard to believe this is right in Berlin.
I laid on a park bench and read Gore Vidal for a while.

Walking the runway... it didn't look that long, but it kept going and going, for 1.31 miles.

In Berlin, they even have fancy signs for the toilets. I feared I was underdressed. But I didn't need to use the facilities anyway.

No, I am not in North Dakota, but it has been on my mind a lot with the recent flooding of my hometown of Minot, where 90% of residents have no flood insurance.
Golden handcuffs are not holding me back.
The Oberbaumbrucke, which we crossed on foot a couple times while wandering the city.
I met Ruth while traveling in Kotor, Montenegro. She is UK/Kiwi/Aussie/Berlin native.
After tasty beers in the park, cameras became highly entertaining. But we still got home without any scrapes on the bicycles sitting in the background.
Ruth's lovely little place in Friedrichshain.

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