Monday, June 13, 2011

Sara in Sarajevo. Flag Day 2011, the year she can run for president.

A recent horoscope asked me to consider foreshadowings in my childhood or adolescence, signs of magic to come, capacities and commitment. While wandering, I've been considering this for a few days. I think it is quite simple. I have always loved to learn. I think my whole life has been a project in learning as much as I could. Extended travel is one of the best teachers. In daily interactions with new people and new places, I'm filled up with ideas and joy at what I experience. So full, it is as if I am holding my breath in wonder.

I've been saying I was thirty-five for several months now. It wasn't a conscious decision but it was what came out of my mouth. (Perhaps ingrained from childhood, when I couldn't wait to be the next year up.) Now the day is here. And I am in Sarajevo. A city I recall in the news from high school. It is a city of surprises. Feels simultaneously large and small, cozily situated in a valley with the river Miljacka running through. Destruction and beauty weave throughout. War-damaged rundown buildings pervade, yet the city is so tidy I know residents take pride in their city. I am glad to be here on this day.

(the hostel I'm staying in is like a home- we even take our shoes off outside the door.)
(a courtyard to apartments)
(the old town has a touristy feel but it is not overrun)
(old guys are always drinking coffee and talking)

(it is maybe hard to see, but many of the buildings have bullet damage)

(I was surprised how much the city reminded me of Turkey)
(here is where the journalists stayed during the Bosnian war, and there was a sniper zone in front of it)

(I see beauty in destruction)
(Sarajevo, though large, is situated in a valley which is delightful for wandering- it's I think impossible to get lost, you just go down and look around... I've been walking the hills for a couple days now and I could do this for quite a while)


Dee J. said...

You look like a babushka - that's a good thing!

urh said...

happy birthday!