Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Berlin. Studying.

I read a quote once about how a tourist does not know where he's been and a traveler does not know where he's going. It bothered me because I often do not know either. I spend my days somewhat aimlessly wandering down blocks, sitting on railings, sipping brown caffeinated beverages.

Today while reading and writing in a cafe, I decided what I was doing was studying. Coalescing my thoughts and experiences into a new meaning. It feels a lot like college, only more natural. I enjoy documenting what I see and think through photography and writing as the day unfolds. And then later, returning home to reconstruct it, and share.

This does not make sense to other travelers who are trying to see as many sights as possible and go out every evening and drink. But it makes sense to me, and it is what I am doing. Not just on this holiday, but always. The goal of wandering to me is about understanding. Developing new ideas. Doing what I enjoy.


"What is reality?
Deep within us it is as elusive as a dream,
and we are not sure of anything that happened."
-Anaïs Nin

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