Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ohrid: A lake & a town in Macedonia.

Ohrid, a town of about 60,000 sits on Lake Ohrid which shares a border with Albania. It's a hill town full of churches, with good trails connecting them.
Pedestrian Ohrid.

Old cars and old churches.
This was an old fort which they are restoring. Great views.

Old cars with obscenities.

I walked along the water here back to town.

Church of St. Sophia.

Stuga, the town next door. I went here with the girl who I am rooming with is an Australian who has lived in NYC for 20 years. We are having a great time. Now I want to move to NYC.
The Ancient Theatre.
Lake Ohrid is always misty like this...

There are snapdragons everywhere. I think this is the birthplace of them!
Coffee on the lake.
Weirdest McD's I've seen. I did not partake in the splendors inside.
I wonder what these chairs are for...
These guys were SQUEEZED onto this bench.

A gift from who else, but the Danish!
I love Gnomes!

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