Monday, May 2, 2011

The neighborhood was Karlin (of Praha)

"It was such an area, and this area was very, very interesting from a social point of view. For instance, it's funny, but between the wars and even before the First World War, the prostitutes from Karlin were very expensive because they knew manners. The bourgeoisie lived here together with workers, and there were no social problems. The whole spectrum of society lived together in Karlin. Of course, after the 1950s new people came here, and at that point social life in Karlin was decaying. But anyway, there were still nice cabarets, there were small theatres, and some good pubs."

PRAGUE: 2011 April
The Grand Finale of Joon's ten-day European Excursion (where Sara unsuccessfully tries to kill company with road trips through five countries [Note: apparently Koreans from Chicago are hardy folks]) was beloved Prague, selected by Joon as a destination. I've been there a few times before and was happy to go, but not jumping out of my skin in excitement. However we were completely overwhelmed with its gothic beauty and tapestry of colors, delighting in simple finds around every corner. I've decided this is my favorite city in the world. It has yet to disappoint.

(a view from our balcony in the neighborhood of Karlin)

(hanging over the said balcony)

(when you take a timer picture but forget to check the zoom)

(the mini parked on the street, even though I've heard lots of auto theft stories from Prague-- our pension owner said it was fine-- Karlin was compared to Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin)

(we could not stop hanging out the window)

(the real living geranium in the window of course reminded me of my mom who loves geraniums for as long as I can remember, but her favorite variety is the martha washington)

(someone who lived in our apartment complex)

(I was in love with these clocks, and they were so convenient since I do not wear a watch or carry a phone)

(our room had delightfully odd decor, including barack-in-a-jar)

(walking in a park- there were lotsa parks and hills)

(somewhere on a side street)

(my keens fit right in in Prague)

(Czech is a little like English with funner letters)

(these were super-yum)

(love the trams but did not ride any this time)

(a black and white building made me think of my mom Kathy too)

(hanging out the window again with zoom in effect)

(Cruella de Praha)

(most of the people were really cute, or at least very interesting)

(a fairy tale city)

(we had a beer on this hill)

(mirrored windows sind uber convenient)

(train station where I've arrived in the past)

(these are from the window again)

(a cafe in Karlin we ran into, way away from the tourist center)

(they had just opened it 2 weeks ago)

(admiring James Brown, we think)

(we would've eaten at the first place but they were closing and directed us to come here instead, Charleston)

(it was pouring and lightning and I loved it because I always think rain is romantic)

(we had the best mushroom gnocchi here)

(hanging out the window again)

(wet trains from the window)

(naked Commie soldier babies)

(for Carrie, my owl loving sister)

(I love crumbling buildings)

(these actually tasted almost exactly like my Grandma Agnes Smetana's Czech Kolaches-- except for the powdered sugar on top)

(I liked that orange truck even though it looks red in this photo)

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Dee J. said...

I want to go to the Charleston and have mushroom gnocchi...I want to go to Prague....I want I want I want!!:) Gorgeous pictures once again.