Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dreaming: The Idea & Facts

"Dreaming is a dangerous proposition; it dares us to risk everything, to walk blind into the hills, to do the hardest work in ourselves and in the world- and to reap the richest reward. Sometimes, possibly, our dreams urge us to reveal ourselves intimately to an audience of strangers, and hope they'll meet us where we most want to be." -from Off the Map.

The History: I've been doing it forever, back to childhood, when my mom thought I had a hearing problem, and my dad wrote letters to his grandmother describing me as "dreamy."

A Date: The movers are scheduled for May 24th, clearing up mental anxiety, making room for more dreaming.

The Bag: With the small green waterproof backpack that went to Asia in mind, I'm pondering what to wear to not look like a tourist and not look dirty; I still care about fashion even if I pretend I don't.

The Feeling: Rushing toward the mouth of the river where I'll soon be shot out into the open sea of travel and joblessness and wandering, the feeling of possibility overwhelms and envelops me, pushing me along and relaxing me at the same.

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