Friday, May 27, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland!

It was a delight for almost two years. Quieting my mind. Experiencing peace. Learning to communicate in another language.
This morning, my buzzer rang at 8AM and it was Helga asking me to Früstuck. I said yes, and went downstairs 15 minutes later, to a full spread laid out. We chatted for two hours in German. I finally have enough grasp of the language to feel pretty calm. Several hugs, food for the train, photos out front in the yard, and I was off to Vilseck with my assistant, Mrs. Morris, for a few last minute items of business. Bernal came in to say goodbye.
So now, I head to the train station. And I have finally started to cry. After months of stress, feelings are free to come out. I will miss my other home country. But, maybe one day I will live here again.


Anonymous said...

Reading your marvelous blog for the past two month, i was glad to at least see you in person by passing in the hallway a few days before you left.

I hope all will work out for you and All the best!

the anonymous from earlier.

Sara said...

Thank you, anon friend! You never know, I might end up back there to visit... I always say that the world is a small place, so we often meet again. :)

Dawn said...

Hugs to you, Sara. Safe travels...