Sunday, May 22, 2011

Living deliberately- no destinations or borders.

"We're all fed such false messages about success in life, made to believe it's a point of arrival. So most of us spend our whole lives waiting to arrive. We expect that once we get there, the long story of the life we just lived will be infused with meaning. But while we're waiting our voices dry up. They forget how to ask, they forget how to listen, they forget how to tell."

I hope I don't forget how to listen or forget how to tell. I hope I don't get fixated on the destination, the arrival, checking the box, or making other people happy. I hope I can live with an open heart. I hope I see beauty in the world every day. I hope I have time for all people.

"And I go on making small promises to myself in the meanwhile: I will walk every day in between the trees, I will make some celebration, I will love without fear, I will create beautiful things, I will be unafraid to fly, I will move and speak and live deliberately..."

"In the end, the only thing standing between each of us and what we most want, is ourselves. We're our own border guards. And sometimes the crossing is easier than expected."
- from Off the Map.

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Ed said...

Wow that's some pretty wise sounding wordage. I think I'll order that book for the whole $4 it costs.