Friday, May 6, 2011

Driving OVER the alps

It got a lot worse after we took this video, but I think we were too scared to make more videos. Nevertheless, I know my mom and Molly would've needed an Ativan for this drive. I had to stop and I don't usually get scared. It was about 3 hours of this type of road up and down the mountain.

Stopping just before we reached the top, where I peed in a field. No trees. Above the tree line.

A nice Italian man walking. Who would dress like that in America? Especially on a cliff, where someone could accidentally knock you off... I will sort of miss their formal clothing here. But I'm glad I don't have to wear it.

Luckily we did not see any cows. I might have crapped my pants.

You can tell these are not German roads. Some parts were really crumbly, and large sections had no guardrail, only stubby cement blocks, of which some were leaning precariously over the edge, appearing to have been tipped by a car careening to its demise. Adding to the fun were the motorcyclists who were unafraid to pass on blind curves.

Winter at the top. And then we went down...


zeca said...

arrgh. Thanks for the video, I think. Suffering from both acrophobia and extreme motion sickness, I got whoozy just watching. It sure is lovely, though. I haven't seen any of that part of Europe, and it makes me want to visit there. Not sure how.

Sara said...

I think that's why I was gripping the wheel and sweating!