Thursday, May 13, 2010

News: Christi Himmelfahrt, Dave the Irish lad, SRP wrap up.

Heute (today) ist Vatertag und Christi (Christ) Himmelfahrt (sky-travel). It took some talking with Helga and her daughter to confirm it's Ascension day in the church and Father's day. In ten days comes Pentecost, called Pfingsten. I figured that out because of the ten day difference, being the good little Catholic girl that I am. Pfingsten doesn't translate into anything useful, just "Pentecost." Still, it's another few words.

This morning I got an email from David, the Irish guy who bought my registration. He said he did the marathon in 3:23 and the other two lads who were with him also secured registration and did it in 3:14 and 3:15. All much faster than I would've done. I'm sure the race people appreciated the improvement in time I offered by selling my registration. Thanks, foot! As always, there's good with bad- it was nice to get a note of thanks from him- makes me trust in the goodness of humanity.

Finally, the week is wrapping up and slowing down. The last few days, I've nearly been propped up at work. I've longed for Grandma's long-gone and never-used motorized cart at times! I've been going in at about 7AM every day, missing lunch and staying late to help get more soldiers through their exams, in exchange for an extra day or two off in the future. I've requested June 14th, an important national holiday, and my magnificent entrance onto earth. (Thanks mom!)

I will post the grand total exams after tomorrow. If there was a Guinness book for optometrists, I think I'd have a chance.

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Dee J. said...

How sweet of Dave the laddie from Ireland - he was cute and so sweet to kiss us both on the cheek. Found out also that it is Ascension Day but I had to google it as people told us here in Austria it was a holiday.