Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dialogue of a flu

Sudden exhaustion, on Monday, like you hadn't slept in weeks. Headache starts on Tuesday, which continues to worsen every day. Skin hurts. Whole body hurts.

Wednesday freezing with goosebumps at work while everyone else is warm. Wonder if you have a fever. At home, discover it's about 102. Yes, you are sick. Go to bed at 8.

Wake up at 5:30, feeling a 100x worse. WTF? Walk into the bathroom and feel like you are going to pass out, head is throbbing in and out. Hold onto sink for stability. Wonder if you are going to die. Take cipro, excedrin, vit B12. Can't find anything else to take, so you go back to bed. Call mom. (Thank god for the time difference.) Feel better. Mom always makes you feel better.

About 7:00, get out of bed. Actually feel better and fever is breaking. Finally.

Shower and go to work, get sent home within 45 minutes. Stop at Commissary for OJ and other drinks and then head home. Run into Helga in the stairwell. "Ich bin krank," you say. She says, "Du muß viel Tee trinken!"

Totally exhausted and cold. Probably running fever again.

If this persists, you know Istanbul is not in the cards for this weekend.

PS. German lesson for the day- Mein Hals ist wund und mein Kopf schmerzt. Ich habe Fieber. (My throat is sore and my head aches. I have a fever.)

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Dee J. said...

Crud run of bad luck~! If I had the healing touch I would send it to you - and lots of others...get better fast. At least you are in a place with good medical care and you understand the language.
Sending good thoughts and vibes your way right now - can you feel it?
love, auntie dj