Friday, May 28, 2010

In jail at home

Slightly bad attitude, as I have my first experience with canceling a trip due to illness. I cannot leave the country since I can barely walk to the bathroom. No way could I drive to Munich to catch a flight.

I'm propped up on the couch, some semblance of sanity is creeping in again, after two days of 102+ fever. I was bordering on delirium, and also realised that I couldn't sleep with a temp that high, so it was hard to get better. I felt like crawling out of my skin. A creepy feeling, especially when living alone. I decided I should not lock the door, in case I died! :) Gotta think of those things.

Last night about 6:15, I realised I could barely walk 10 feet, my head was pounding in and out, like I might pass out at any moment. I called my assistant Rhodes, who's a smart and highly trained EMT. She said, you are dehydrated! Drink water until your throat is sore! (Hey it was already sore, but.) I also didn't even know where to go if I would've had to go in. I didn't know how to call in sick either.

I dug around and found some rehydration salts and drank those with more water and juices until I was pregnant with fluid. Rhodes came by later with Tylenol and more juices, so I took two and a few hours later my temp was back to normal, about 97. It has since crept back up to 100 but that's manageable. My poor body's working hard.

Despite my delirium, I was able to call the airlines, find out about rebooking, cancel the hotel room, call the guy who is buying my car to tell him that I was too sick, and what else? I discovered I now like grapefruit juice, something I used to hate bitterly. (Tee hee.)

New plan for the weekend: hold down couch. Oh well, that's life.


lourdes said...

Poor Sara. Hope that you feel better soon. :)

Dee J. said...

Sara Bean, you do NOT deserve this! I am sending hugs across the Atlantic. Do you feel them?:)
love, auntie dj and unkie ross

Dawn said... poor sick soul. Get some rest. I hope you can replan your trip once you feel better. Hugs to you...

Sara Schultz said...

Oh well. I am getting caught up on sleep. Just like a newborn. Tee hee. Naptime now.