Sunday, May 30, 2010

Can I really be un-sick?

After two days straight of sleeping and four days of fever, at 2pm today I became myself again! It was rather sudden. I could hardly believe it. For a couple days I was certain I had one foot in the grave. Alas, no!

I studied German, played with charcoals, washed all my sheets after I sneezed about 700 times on them, picked up the 6 million kleenexes on my floor, and decided I was a new person. I repainted my nails blue, and marveled in the wonderment of health. I'm unsure if the sudden recovery was related to the amoxicillin, soledum, sinus rinses, or 50 hours of sleep. One of those things...

I'm so excited to be alive, I've uploaded a few pictures.

First, Helga's garden. Helga, who is so sweet she came up yesterday evening at 7pm, to make sure I was okay, because they had not heard me all day (I was sleeping!) and they knew I was sick. (She was also sick.) Terribly nice landlords! I would adopt them if I could.

Ernst and Helga were trying to teach me the German names for the little garden accoutrements, as well as the plants. You can probably guess that I forget them all. Schieß!

A photo attempting to show you the endless rain from today and most days lately. I'm thinking about starting a petition to rename our town Regenwald (rainforest).

Returning to the charcoals, I'm quite in heaven. I think I'll create another wall of pictures. Just need to find some of that sticky tack stuff. Also here you'll see my little shrine. I thought I might light the candles and contemplate life periodically, but I think that's going to wait til the winter months when it's darker more often. Not so much of a thrill to light candles in the light...

Finally the blue nailpolish with un-sick me! I am so happy to be able to think and walk and clean and read and draw and wash clothes. Yay for life! By the way, this nail polish is a hit with everyone especially 6-16 year old girls. Yeah, I am immature. I was trying to show you how it almost matches my eyes. Not quite. Ok, it's closer to my car.

Also, I gave myself more layers about a week ago when I was sick of my hair. Mostly I am just damn happy not to be sick.

xxxx from Germany.


Dee J. said...

As Lucy would say: Sarie you no sick! - I think the blue nails signify a sign of recovery and not death - yippee! Will bring my book(s) to our next meeting! love, auntie dj

Dee J. said...

oops - forgot to tell Helga the garden is right up my Minnesota alley - tell her that I love it.

Kathleen said...

Loved your pictures of the garden.
I have been hearing stories of how precise the Germans are and how you have to do things the right way. Also, stories of why the kitchens are not always furnished in a house.
I think it has to do with taxation.
It is beautiful in ND today but will probably rain tomorrow as we are having a garage sale for Relay for Life.

Love you, mom

Sara Schultz said...

The gardens are amazing. Nothing stops Helga from being out there-- last wk she had the flu (vomit!!) and was still working in the garden, 30 minutes later. Crazy German!! :)

Wir haben endlich heute viel Sonne. Es ist sehr gut.

(We finally have much sun today. It's very good.)