Monday, May 10, 2010

And then after 4 months of training, I couldn't run the marathon

The Damn Left Foot. It was not to be. No cooperation; still not normal, so I knew there was no way a 26.2 miler was in my future.

I went to Prague anyway, and met up with RnD. (That's Ross and Dee.) Hopped the train.

Found out Friday that I am the "Hot Ginger" and Amber (Captain Carlson) is the "Hot Blonde." She thinks of herself as a redhead and I think of myself as a blonde, but I think the soldiers are more correct... Tee hee hee.

The arena/hall where we went to pick up my marathon packet. I figured I may as well get the t-shirt since I paid 75 Euros for registration. Does not look like any arena I know!

The arena inside, where the magic was... After I picked up my packet, I saw a sign that the marathon was sold out. The website stated registrations couldn't be transferred... but I asked and they said I could. So I just stood there a while. About 15 minutes... and then a group of four Irish guys came up looking for registration. They all said, let Davey have it! Day of entry registration was 100E but I sold it for 75E. I figure it was better karma to do it that way. He was delighted and kissed me on the cheek. After his friends called him a "dirty old man" he kissed Dee too. They said, "What about dad?" (Meaning Ross.) He didn't get a kiss. They were all sweet. It was a good experience, and boded well for the rest of the weekend.

Alleyway just by RnD's apartment. In old town.

The 5-level dance club that's been there for years. We went here in 2001! Crazy shit.

Praha's famous clock.

Here's where I would've started the marathon. I watched it instead. It was mass chaos as always, and then a gunshot, the release of blue and white balloons, and Bedrich Smetana's The Moldau filling the square. It was so perfect, I almost cried.

I don't know what this is.

Oldtown, and that's the clock on the left.

Oldtown at night.

That's the castle on the hill. I didn't get up there. Was too lazy, but will next time. I was there in 2001...

Charles Bridge early in the day. (Note the lack of hoards of tourists...)

Where I got my second coffee of the day.

Sculpture of keys.

Water station that I didn't have to get water at... I'll admit, watching the runners made rather happy that I hadn't had to drag myself through the entire 26.2 miles.

Adorable car.

Neato windshield wiper.

They have commie buildings here too!

Waiting to leave... I was soo tired. And sore feet, being relegated to my knee high boots, which are not so kind to the bottom of the feet.

Back at work today, soldiers galore. I expect much of the same the rest of this week...

If you have not heard the Moldau, I hope you listen to it now:
(I first heard it in a music class at the Univ of ND, and have never forgotten its beauty.)

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