Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh lord, I finally posted my pictures.

All the must see tourists sights outside Oamaru were ROCKS. Elephant rocks below and Moereki Boulders above. I nearly died with enthusiasm. As you can imagine.

The cows who tried to block us from getting away from the damned Elephant Rocks.

What happens when I can't sleep anymore. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I try to pray the rosary to bore myself to sleep. Sometimes I get up and start to run around the block.

Here is Jun. Looking all professional.

In the deep south of Invercargill, the cars races horses on the beach.

Me, happy to be alive.

Here is what I got from the University of Auckland for working there last year. Such a handy gift for a nomad that I gave it to Jun that very same night. And he is actually using it!

Still hanging out in graveyards after all these years.

Olive, the 79 year old lady who moved to NZ in her 30's as a nurse, became an old man's darling and stayed in NZ forever. She gold sneakers on.

I never saw a damned kiwi.

Stewart Island.

Never wake a sleeping sea lion.

Jun and a nice Kiwi-Canadian man who helped us get past the sea lion.
Run, Jun, Run!

The bay that the sea lion was guarding.

Stewart Island.

I spy a ghost.

We DID see penguins. :) Score.

At one time, a family of 5 or more lived in here.

I liked this composition.

Me and the lighthouse at Acker's Point.
I used to have this same sign on my fence.
A little mud on the Raikura Track.
Raikura track was actually stairmaster in the forest.

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