Thursday, April 23, 2009

In the Deep South

Current locale: Invercargill.

New experience: Couch surfing. Will explain more later...

I walked around today and talked to people. It's quite cold here. I'm headed to Stewart Island on Saturday morning with a former student via ferry. I'll stay for about 5 days- do a three day two night hike staying in department of conservation huts and then return to the south island via plane. I have a bus to Dunedin on 29 April which cost me $2.29 total. They have these wacked cheap fares for one dollar plus tax if you get lucky on your booking. I did.

Everything's finalised for graduation May 8th. I have a reserved spot on stage, robes rented, etc. So I'm going to be faculty! I'm starting to really appreciate my profession again as I travel- the incidence of eye problems across the population is quite surprising- just talking to people I meet as I move through the world. I feel like my experience in optometry is useful and interesting. That is good.

I've arranged to work at a hostel in the far north Bay of Islands for the last section of my time in NZ- mid May to early June. I plan to fly to Brisbane and see Ursula afterward and then maybe Melbourne or Tazmania. Perhaps come home in August. I don't know.

I may not be in touch for a while, especially once I leave for Stewart Island, so if you don't hear from me until April 30th, don't be alarmed.

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