Friday, April 10, 2009


Check out the title for this compelling read: (now what would have happened if I'd have washed that lady's windows?) Found this in the Wellington Film Archives. Perhaps they had their media a little mixed up?
Here's Jeremy-ette and Sanhya, two of my hosts in Wellington, the night of their flatwarming.
You can see the influence of my level of maturity from last year. Sita, Sam (the other flat-mate), Shonit and William (I helped with the tatoo placement).
How could I pass by a store with this name and not take a photo? I love fancy pants!

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Auntie DJ said...

Any special camera settings for the night (sunsetting) pictures? That is most beautiful! Just reading your words makes me slow down a bit. We are off to Italy in about 4 days so I can't be too slow when dodging the scooters.
Happy travels!
love, Auntie DJ