Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I tried my hand at Wwoofing (willing workers on organic farms). The organic farming turned out to be washing and waxing a Lexus, hanging laundry and organising a linen closet. I also learned how to make yogurt from a package of powdered milk. That was the closest thing to "organic farming" in that experience. When the lady of the house mentioned that she was going to have me wash all her windows with wet newpapers, I rapidly packed my bags. I'm not sure I'll try any more wwoofing. Since we've entered the winter season in New Zealand, I fear I'll be more like slave labour than actually farming and learning. But I may give it one more shot. We'll see how dumb I really am!


Auntie Dee said...

We have those same jobs at our house and would welcome your assistance - I would even forego the powdered milk and let you use our own compost! You could wash the organic bird droppings off our porch windows. This would include a comfortable bed and free lodging.
Love, Auntie Dee and Uncle Rossie

geekdave said...

Nice. How dumb do they think Americans are?

sara said...

No shit. Ya, if anyone needs a maid, give me a call. Hahah.