Saturday, April 11, 2009

Abels and Duskys

Preview for the ending of this blog:
Introducing... Abel Tasman. The smallest national park in New Zealand, located at the upper tip of the south island. It's an area of pristine wonderment. Yes. Apple Rocks in Abel Tasman National Park
Abel Tasman.
Me, looking very strenuous (I feel that is the wrong word use but it's the word I want), in Abel Tasman. Yes there is a theme. It's Abel. He was a Dutch explorer who got scared off by the local Maoris here and jettisoned back North after the Maoris murdered a couple of his crew. They still named the park after him. Not sure why. I think I forgot.
It's more Abel! I did a 7 hour day hike (according to the dept of conservation) but it took me only 5 hours. Now you know how super fit I am. (I wish.)
I sort of wanted to buy this car (which I saw on the side of the road in Kaikoura), but there is that problem of importing. Can't you all see me driving a 1970 bubblegum pink convertible? It had a perfect interior. All for $10,000NZ ($5,800US).
Kaikoura beach. Beautiful town.
These buggers are hard to catch on film. But guess what? I went swimming with them today. For Easter, for Carrie's 30th birthday and for my own entertainment. No complaints here about the experience except that I'm pretty certain I lowered my core body temp even with the thick wet suit. These guys are dusky dolphins. They swim in huge pods... and will swim with you in circles especially when you are as good of an underwater singer as I am (it would be a different story entirely if I had been singing in the open air).
AND... I still don't have a flight home. S#$% if I know what I am doing! But I am having a very good time. And I think that is what life is about.

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