Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taxi rides from the Safari Boys

Just a few more images of Oamaru...

I always wanted to be a girl scout but we lived too far from town in Minnesota. Perhaps then I would be able to survive better in the world. Aw, no time for regrets. Life no infinito.
Praise the lord for shopping! Amen! Amen! I didn't go in.
I tried to go in here to get Holy, but it was closed. Shucks.
Anchors away! I'd put this in my front yard if I could bring it home with me. If I had a yard. If I wasn't homeless and unemployed. Guess I'm not ready to be anchored just yet.
Mmm. What a nice door.
There's an art gallery on the third floor here. In fact almost all the art galleries are on the third floor in this town. The artists and patrons must be the fittest in the world.
Introducing... the Safari Boys. AKA Bevan and Brian, a couple local Oamaru chaps who we met at the Phoenix Foundation concert. Incidentally, The Phoenix Foundation crashed at our backpackers last night, so we had breakfast in our PJs with them. Pretty good concert- they have quite a varied repertoire- slightly reminiscent of Radiohead only less depressed. They are quite the hot ticket in New Zealand and played for us at the Penguin Club, which only holds 120 patrons. If you're feeling naughty and bored, you can slip out the back door and look for penguins to photograph. I didn't. But I will.
Sylvia, a fellow Wwoofer from Singapore with typical Asian pose. Heheh. Just kidding. No serious.
Brian in his typical Oamaru pose.
Me trying to blend in. The real crapper was outside next to the dumpster. Not as nice, but more private at least.
Having a good time in the Retro Funk store after midnight. Listening to Phoenix Foundation tunes (how could we not?) with the Safari Boys. I tried to bring the fake fur coat home with me for the night, but it had to stay in the store. Sad. Very.
The taxi ride home. Safety all the way with lights and flags and, whoops, no helmets! But seeing as there's only 13,000 people in Oamaru, not too many cars had to be avoided.
By the way, I was taking these photos while riding on the back of the other taxi bike. No one died. Sylvia took the photo at the beginning of the blog. One has to be very steady-handed.
Just for kicks, here's the horoscope from yesterday- the day of the aforementioned events:
April 19, 2009: Your modesty isn't going to do you any good, so ditch it today and step into the spotlight! Get yourself noticed, and you'll inject your mood with brightness and sass. If you have been feeling blue, today is the perfect time to turn that mood around -- all you need to do is make eye contact with that cutie and they'll be falling all over themselves to sit next to you. You are projecting an irresistible energy and you need to learn how to start wielding it more effectively.
Oamaru. It's so small that I knew about ten of the locals in the bar, plus about eleven people from the backpackers. Since the event had a maximum capacity of 120, I knew about 20% of the people there. Not bad for only four days in town. I didn't try to blend in either with my new (old) white vinyl coat and gypsy-knitted (for real) hat.
The local bookbinder was trying to convince me to start an optometry shop with a local jeweler in the old part of town. Hmm. The ladies at the community art center (one of whom had macular degeneration) thought I could work at the hospital and take care of them. So many options when you are free like a butterfly.
PS Blogger is driving me nuts and trying to make all of this one giant paragraph, so I separated them by **** stars.

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Josh said...

You should start a shop there. Molly and I would love to visit :)
Oh, and lets be honest... you just really like to put stars between your paragraphs because its cute.