Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I didn't even leave the hostel today. Butt glued to the couch, I worked furiously until I wrenched my eyes into a-3.00 glasses prescription via nearpoint fatigue. That's opto-speak for what happens to after staring for hours and hours at a computer - distance vision in the crapper. Happily, though, US taxes are complete!

I was supposed to be planning the next stage of my trip, but rain dripped and poured down all day, so I wasn't too inspired nor was I about to go exploring Picton. Luckily, I'd done that yesterday after my ferry cruise from Wellington. The seas were friendly as I crossed. Nary a soul was seasick (sorry for you last time, Josh!)

I've tentatively planned to go down to Blenheim and Kaikoura (both on the east coast of the south island), then do a little hiking on the St. James walkway. After which I figure I may be a little fatigued, so I've arranged to work at a backpackers in Oamaru for a week. (Hopefully they don't own any Lexuses.)

The final stages of my south island adventure will be taking in the deep south- Invercargill, Stewart Island (where everyone brags how they married their cousin) and finally, Dunedin, a college town, where I'll fly out April 7th to Auckland to partake in graduation.

During the previous six days in Wellington, I reconnected with my former students, transitioning our relationship to peers from supervisor-student. Three of them were flatting in a house together and graciously put me up for a while. Visiting people in their homes is such a treat, especially these guys, who were having their flat-warming party while I was there. I never can resist the opportunity to dress up. This time I was a red headed pirate.


geekdave said...

You look like I Dream of Jeannie

sara said...

Oh, Carrie and I were addicted to I Dream of Jeannie reruns! And my middle name is Jeanne. Maybe you're onto something there.

Josh said...

Hey, no problem about the ferry. It was pretty allright in the daylight. Anyways, make sure you hit up that Thai place in Picton and the bakery next to the backpackers where they sell day old stuff for nearly nothing. Enjoy your south island trip- i am envious!

sara said...

I went to that bakery, Josh! I remembered you and Molly telling me about it. It's sooo lovely down here.