Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lisbon, day 2 in a gentle city.

Spent wandering art museums, with some assistance of a public transport day pass for 4.45E. I hopped the tram, bus, subway all without any mental taxing. Even ran into an artist's market on the river in Belem, which I was told only happens two Sundays a month. A kind gift from the travel gods, and I even got to talk about Portland with a husband-wife team who made bags and skirts that looked like they belonged at Saturday Market in Portland.

I wanted to steal this. But that would make the owner sad. And it's such a happy bike.

The first of four art museums I wandered through. All free on Sundays. I felt I'd died and gone to heaven. Art and wilderness are church to me.

It was actually white, and quite retro-mod looking. The mostly non-functioning escalators provide supporting evidence it was created long ago, before I was born.
Tiles are everywhere in Lisbon.

Centro de Arte Moderna
I wondered how this was art.
How I think life feels. Like a crazy tornado. Never knowing where I'm going or where I came from.
Self photo with mirror art.

Berardo Art Museum in Belem

This bothered me.

I wondered how some couples end up together. She had white polka-dotted tights.
I stepped outside.
It wasn't this anymore.

Lisbon is closest to America.
It's where trees look like flowers.
And they sell these little cakes called Pastis at the Pasteis de Belen.
Safety deposit boxes in the basement of the MUDE museum.
They now have seeds in some of them.
Tomorrow it's time to ride home. To Germany.

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