Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lisbon Day 1, wandering the streets for 7+ hours...

I arrived into town, caught the bus to my hostel, which was not the best set of directions, as it terminated about 2/3 of the way to the hostel. So I decided to walk. I got lost. Then got bad directions. Ended up next to a near-freeway. Found my way again. With the help of a man in black Ray-Bans. And wandered over to my hostel. It was a couple hour jaunt, but I enjoyed it.

After I dumped my bags and checked in to my palace-like abode, I set off again to the Thieves' Market, where there were many a colorful character. Lisbon is like a little sister to Athens in a way, with its crumbling buildings, graffiti, and dark residents, just on a smaller scale. It's very quiet though- both peaceful and laid back. I will try to report at the end of the trip some of the many small kindnesses that the Portugese sent my way.

I ordered something else, but the barista man (about 65yo) told me (in Portugese) to pick another, so I said, "Whatever you think" (in English) and got the other cake instead. Which was a creme cake that you sprinkle cinnamon & sugar atop. It was pretty rich.
Contemplative lady.

Their fortress.

My hostel room. And that bag hanging was my entire packing for the trip! So there! And I brought this computer, a travel towel, and a umbrella, among other things. (No I did not skip underwear.) The next few are all the inside of the Lisbon Lounge Hostel. Fabulous.

These are not Belgian waffles, even if they are trying to fake them.

Minot in Portugal!
The Thieves' Market. There's a kid under that yellow blanket!

If I was getting a TV again, I'd think about this one.

I found an Asian groc store, so I got a bean bun. Yum.

Do you think it would keep the rain off?
Evil Jesus. Doesn't he little a little scary?

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