Thursday, January 20, 2011

Leaving Lisbon

I walked out early Monday morning, headed for the bus stop, looking for a post office and coffee shop. Both of which I found. Workday mornings are my favorite in foreign cities, watching the residents in a flurry of energy as they begin their day. Especially on Mondays, when everyone is regenerated from the weekend. It's my favorite way and day to leave town.

A bustling busy place, perfect for my last hour in the city.
Time for writing...

The cafe was full of locals drinking espresso. But this girl on the right ordered a fruit freeze thing. So odd I had to take a photo.

I don't know why I wanted a picture of her legs.

Tourists and birds. Both interesting.

Shoeshiner. And the post office that was very hard to spot. Apparently Portugal likes the idea of the horse-delivery service. It didn't register with me.

And the biggest line was at...

Every single Lufthansa flight was delayed. And, no, they did not give us any information.

Still waiting, even on the runway.

In Lisbon, I had to suddenly check a bag when I remembered something I bought was illegal on the plane. I had nothing decent to check, so I stuck my little shoulder back in my handy roll-up sack, tied it up and sent it on the conveyor belt to Nuremberg. The box on the right was my carry-on- Portugese boots! Everything arrived perfect.
So. Go to Lisbon. If you have the chance. That is my advice.

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