Monday, January 17, 2011

Art of Lisbon

Since I spent a whole day in art museums, I thought I would share. I am not usually so lucky to find so much free art which interests me to visit. Just another treat from the city of Lisbon.

From the Museo de Arte Contemporary
This was an artist named Columbano.The way he captured expressions. His early work (late 1800s) was really amazing. Most of these are from that time period. It seemed as he got older, his painting was more conventional and dead feeling. But maybe that's just me.

Centro de Arte Moderna

Berardo Modern Art Musuem in the Cultural Centre of Belem

It was a video. I think how relationships feel at times.
MUDE Art and Design. What it's like to be in an orchestra. Took up a whole floor, and was amazing.

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