Sunday, October 31, 2010

Alpen Wochenende

This week coming up, I have four days of continuing education in Garmisch, where I'm settled in to a pension at the present moment. I can't see forking out $190/night to stay at the place where the conference is. Plus it's full of Americans. And I'm in Europe.

Strangely, after my last post, on Muslims, I've booked myself in a place which is run by a warm man whose daughters wear beautiful head scarves, as well as an older white man. I can't figure out the connection. But I think they all live and work here.

So again, the Gods provide me with some nice people, who happen to also be Muslim to back up what I just wrote the other day. Well whatever you want to believe.

I started off yesterday after 11 hours of sleep. (So damn lazy.)

This is an abbey in the town of Ettal, in the foothills of the Alps. They make their own beer here (as is common) and sell it. Maybe pays for the upkeep. Maybe helps make more sinners so they give more to the church, and so on. An endless cycle, I'm sure.

Ok, just me driving. So pretty though.

It actually reminded me of the south island in NZ, way down there. The Germans used to gush about the beauty of NZ, but I don't understand. Germany is beautiful too. Not too different.

One of crazy King Ludwig's smaller castles.

My Zimmer which I rented for 23E in Mittenwald. Simple and clean. And I got to spy on the people who lived there. An old lady about 80, with long grey hair, and a dress that HausFraus wear invited me in and showed me my room. All Deutsch. When I told her what I did, she said that her eyes watered when she rides her bike. How sweet.

Mittenwald, from my hike up.

I went until I got scared. I'm actually a little afraid of heights. I used to be anyway. But now I am really just scared of cliffs. Esp when they are covered with slushy slippery snow, and I am by myself wearing sneakers. And if I fall off, no one is going to know. And y'all know, I am clumsy! So I turned back here, but it was still a good 3-4 hour hike, which is gut genug!

Wavin' hello.

Relaxing on the way down, sitting in the sun in the grass. Writing. Reading DH Lawrence (who I love) and letting life pass by.

Schloss Elmau which is still owned by the original family who built it but now they've turned it into a pretentious resort.

Fantastic fashion.

Look, it's my Mini! :)

Funny enough, I checked into my conference, and look whose name is next to me. I just thought it was strange. I think he is saying hi.


Dee J. said...

The last one kind of took my breath away! What a coincidence at this certain time. Enjoy Garmisch - and of course learning:)
Beautiful pictures.
love, auntie dj

Sara said...

I know. This week especially. It totally caught me off guard... and to think of all the conferences I've attended that's never happened before.

I think I looked weird taking a pic of the name tags but, hell, I come from a family of weirdos, right?

I'll let you know if I see my dad running around, and all along he's had some other life... (I once had a dream like that.)