Sunday, October 10, 2010

Novi Sad a.k.a. Нови Сад

I decided to take the train to Novi Sad today. It's the location of Exit Festival and supposedly a little more of a cafe culture, and laid back. I also love public transport, so the idea of a few hours on the train sounded good and relaxing to me.
Gorgeous exteriors. A bit deceiving.

Trying to document how filthy it was, but this picture does not do justice. I was mulling over whether it was the dirtiest public transit I'd ever been on or not.

Novi Sad Train Station.
It's a pretty town. And the people seem happier as well.
And they were having a marathon!
This guy's trying to decide whether he needs new glasses or not. I think anyway.

Ok that was sick whipped cream or marshmallow creme or lard sugar. I'm not sure which. The underneath was a local thing called "Zito" which is a walnut/wheat dessert and not too sweet actually. This was lunch. When you're solo you can eat dessert for lunch if you want.

It was actually the 10th anniversary of the overthrow of Milosevic's regime-- back on Oct 5, 2000.
I'd just like to point out that they're more bike friendly in Serbia than they were in New Zealand. Bet you wouldn't have guessed that. They have special bike lanes and no curbs to jump. And cars don't try to kill cyclists. How nice.
Poor damn marathoners.

Is that not cool or what? And all safety-like with the vest.
Catching the train home.
Oh wait, it's the bus. The train broke. So we had to return our tickets and pay 4 times as much for the bus and then ride in this thing which was "kinda broken." Plus people were smoking in there. Nothing like being in an enclosed space with a sinus cold breathing cigarettes. I was thinking that the smoking thing might just be what gets me back to the States. I truly hate it so much.
Riot police lined up. Today was a gay pride parade, which I read about on the way to Novi Sad. Apparently Serbs are not into that sort of thing and the riots had been expected. Really sad. There was broken shit everywhere, only a half block from my hostel. Glad I'd left town for the day.
Stairs to the underpass.
Are berets for army compulsory around the world?

And VERY SADLY, I was going to go to an art exhibit called Oktober Salon, here, but it was closed due to the Damn Riots. Oh well.

Post note: When I got back to my hostel, the girl at the front desk wanted to know where I'd gone today. I said, "Novi Sad." She was relieved, and had been worried that I was caught up in the riots. Very sweet.

Second post note: I decided if I continue to visit Eastern Europe (which I will), then I really need to learn the Cryllic alphabet. That's next on my list of things to do. And watercolor class.


Dee J. said...

For one of only a few times in my life I am speechless! I can only assume that you filled a whole journal with this weekend jaunt, right? Keep safe - too bad a few spoil things for the many. Love, auntie dj

CarrieAnn79 said...

Yuck...looking at your bus picture gives me the heebie jeebies. It reminds me of asia where I wanted to wear a full body condom on the bus. Sick, sick, sick. America is so clean. As far as poor marathoners, I don't feel bad for them-I biked 45 miles in the pouring rain and wind. Horrid!