Monday, November 1, 2010

If you're lucky, it finds you for a while.

The thing is, love can end anytime.
We look for it all our lives. In people. In things. In our surroundings.
Sometimes in ourselves.

And just when we forget about it and relax, there it is.
Like sunlight suddenly glinting your eye from the side
While you're driving your car.

It found you.

And so you laugh and relax into your new found joy.
Wondering if you should be holding your breath.

And then poof, it's shut off.
Crashed into a tree and evaporated.
Before you could say, "wait."

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't accept love
When it shows up at your door.
Whether quietly knocking, or boldly banging.

Rather, open your arms.
Invite it in. As long as it wishes to stay.
Knowing that love, as all things, is temporary.
We are temporary.

Maybe your magic will last a day. Or a year. Or a lifetime.
It is a little sad. But it is also beautiful.

In memory of my dad, Keith.
Who had a Great Love with my mom, Kathy. While it lasted.
He died 27 years ago today.

"To be content in bliss, without desire or insistence anywhere.
To be content in heaven: to be together in happy stillness."
- DH Lawrence


Dee J. said...

Thinking of you girls often this week and especially today - glad you are all in my life! You said it well.
love, auntie dj

Scott said...

Nice post, Sara. Your dad's time on this earth was too short, but there was nothing lacking in the love he shared while he was with us. Remembering his death is a bit rough, but it's certainly nice to think about him.