Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Low Stress Fields

(This is according to CNN.com's Best Jobs in America 2010 issue.)
Rank Job title Best Jobs rank % who say their job
is low stress
1 Biomedical Engineer 10 70.0
2 Transportation Engineer 51 69.0
3 Statistician 64 64.0
4 Web Developer 67 57.7
5 Geographic Information Systems Analyst 97 55.6
6 Technical Writer 88 54.9
7 Test Software Development Engineer 30 54.2
8 Marketing Consultant 61 53.5
9 Civil Engineer 6 53.3
10 Optometrist 56 53.1
From the November 2010 issue
Source: CNNMoney.com/PayScale.com survey of more than 40,000 workers
Who knew I was in the company of such nerds? Yes, my job is low stress. It's because the job is pretty damn easy, and full of lots of bullshitting with patients and staff. And we call ourselves "Doctors." All good stuff. Really.


Anonymous said...

So Web Developer, Technical Writer and Test Software Development Engineer are all part of my job. And they are all ranked higher than Optometrist. That means I'm 3 times more relaxed than you. Haha.

CarrieAnn79 said...

Where's nursing? At the bottom....not a low stress job. We should make way more money than we do. :(

Sara said...

BTW Carrie: On the list for "most satisfying:"
10 Nurse Practitioner 65 86.2
(Maybe you should upgrade!)

I'm still not convinced J that you actually have a job. Now you're trying to explain away why you're so relaxed...

Anonymous said...


It's a full time job dealing with you. Your mother didn't pay me enough. :P