Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last walk through Belgrade

Bicycle elevator sign. :)

I think building on the right used to be very grand. I could see old beds and such through the windows, walking along the bridge to the right (which you cannot see in the photo).

Attempted to go to the Modern Art Museum but it was bombed in 1999 and still under repair.

Walking through the park along the Danube.

Fashionistas everywhere.

In the suburb of Zemun. I spent about an hour sitting in the window on the left watching people. It was the only non smoking establishment I found, and I was happy. I don't care if it's a chain in Serbia!

Would you guess this is a mall in Serbia? I always was creeped out by malls, and the loss of time and place that occurs once you enter. I think it's the retailers hope this occurs, so you lose your whole day losing all your money to things you didn't need anyway...

Going home...


CarrieAnn79 said...

That mall looks like the Lloyd Center or Washington Square and also like the mall that was in Krakow. It is kinda gross to see how pimped out they are, especially in such poor countries.

Sara said...

I know. I thought was sick, too. But interesting. The people in there... I'd never seen anyone else who looked like that in Serbia at all. Like entering another world. Who knew malls were the gateway to the next dimension?