Thursday, April 1, 2010

We love Slovenia, Part 2: Ptuj and Maribor

Hey we took a quick flight to the colliseum... nah, just jokes, here's from our day in Pula, Croatia. A better preserved colliseum than the one in Roma. I can't remember if this one is smaller or not. They gave us student discounts. Yay.

In the basement of the colliseum was an olive oil center-- way cool.

This is Ptuj, Slovenia. A sweet little town, the oldest town in Slovenia, one of the oldest cities in Europe.

Ptuj tower of terror. Nah, again. Just a happy little place. For happy people like us.

Castle at the top of the hill in Ptuj. You know the law, every town in Europe must have their own castle. And every tourist must visit it or risk beheading.

View of Ptuj from the castle hill.

Dominican Monistery in Ptuj. No longer housing real live monks, but still pretty.

We liked this sign. With the kids.

From the window of our hotel in Maribor. We could hear live music wafting through the window.
Slovenia! It's our favorite country of the trip. And I have now been there three times. Not disappointed once. Peaceful, non-touristy, inexpensive, full of nature, kind people... off the radar. Highly recommended if you would like somewhere different. However, you won't like it if you require big, obvious "sights" to see or large cities. The whole country totals two million people and it's the size of New Jersey. Perfect for us country folks from North Dakota. Cha!


Ross said...

Solska pot means "school way" - just like in Bloomington there is a speed zone in a school route - ours is 30mpl - is that 30km/hr? - slower and that's good.
Great pictures - waiting for Vienna and the classy Schultz ladies pictures now.
love, auntie dj

Christian said...

Wenn ihr wieder mal vorbei kommt meldet euch ruhig ;) Wir wohnen in Ptuj.

Sara Schultz said...

Christian, Danke fur deine Einladen. Ich bin sicher, ich komme wieder in Slowenien. We love it there. :)