Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Road trippin' home

I think the grand finale. Perhaps.

Streetcar station in Vienna--- not sure how old... very cool.

Exhibit at the museum of applied arts, Vienna.

Museum of applied arts.

Ditto. Cool building. Free on Saturdays. Not really worth visiting, unless you are in the neighborhood or have nothing better to do.

The town of Melk, Austria.

Carrie in the throes of ecstasy at the cigarette vending machine. Note another just about 10 feet away. Also two more were withing about 20 feet of these. Insane.

Countryside of Austria from the car.

You can't see this! Top secret.

Look Elton's coming to town. Plus hot motorcycle dudes.
We had to get a photo of these cute ladies who were tailing us.

Marienplatz, Munchen.

Carrie at the hofbrauhaus post-30 minutes of Easter evening church service. We were so happy to have beer.

Posing. Looking sorta fake. Oh well. I couldn't quite finish my beer.

That's all folks!

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