Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The dreaded brown lung of Bavaria!

Riding along, over hill and yonder, through the farmlands. Orange bicycle, lavender top, silver shoes. Like a princess on her ride. Sara does mean princess...

She feels her throat constricting. Is it asthma? No. Is it her bag cutting off oxygen? No.

The air is thick. With *Manure Particles*. The natural fertilizer.

It keeps going and going, as she pedals through the trees and nears her town. She would like to hold her breath but there's no way to make it up this huge hill without heavy breathing.

She'd heard of this, but speeding along in her Mini didn't get the full experience of the stench filling the air, blocking out the oxygen, starving her lungs.

And she's heard this is just the beginning of the season. It is after all, April.

But little brown particles won't stop her bicycle ride to work. She is hardier than that. Her mom used to make her spread manure in the garden when she was a kid in Minnesota. She can handle manure with the best of them. Perhaps it's in her blood. (At least she knows it's in her lung!)

1 comment:

Dee J. said...

Are you the same princess who not too long ago said she might like to work on a sustainable farm????? Get a grip, girl.
love, auntie dj