Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hazel Claire Schultz: August 27, 1926- April 6, 2010

"You can choose to be happy or sad, I choose to be happy"

It was on her fridge for as long as I can remember. A magnet. I read it every time I visited.

Grandma Hazel had lots of bumps in her life -- I think a lot of people might have not chosen to be happy, but she did.

Last night, my sister and mom and I sat in my living room, talking about Grandma Hazel. I pulled my pictures of her off the wall, the ones where she was dressed up as the Village People at my cousins wedding. And we remembered how beautiful her letters were, in words and handwriting, always telling us how much she loved us. I don't think she ever got over my dad dying- there is something wrong with your son going before you. Now I hope they are together somewhere, laughing. I think that's how most people would remember Hazel. Full of spunk and always laughing, that was my Grandma.

I will miss her greatly.


lourdes said...

I will always remember visiting your Grandma. She gave me a doile that I still use. :) I'll be thinking of your your family.

Sara Schultz said...

:) Thanks Lulu. My grandma still asked about you years later! She loved to make doiles. Hahha. :) It's good to be here with my mom and Carrie, even though we are missing the funeral. I know my Grandma would be mad if they went home early!

Dee J. said...

As her daughter I know what Grandma Hazel would say: "Phhhfshhshhthththhth - they better just stay there and have fun". I am beaming love your way.
love, auntie dj from Red Lake Falls, MN