Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photo happiness from Carrie and Mom's trip

Advanced internet connection in Germany. Attach wifi stick to head for better reception...

Carrie practicing to look German. But smiling a little too much. You can tell Mom is not German at all as she is totally smiling like a crazy Czech. Tee, hee, hee.

Me freezing ass off. I swear it's really January.

Flossenbürg with nearby concentration/work camp right in the city now-days... they have a good exhibit there.

Kathy walking the castle hill in Flossenbürg.

Castle at Flossenbürg where we almost got frost bite walking up the hill to the top...

Nuremberg (Kathy and Carrie's photos from Nuremberg, sadly, I was WORKING!)

Church in Nuremberg

Church in Nuremberg with my sister Carrie the fashion plate, carrying the EnviroSax bag that I was accused of stealing in Vienna.

Kathy and Carrie sick on the couch. Note Vicks rag on mom's neck, and yet she still remains deliriously happy looking.

Helga's Easter Tree.

Grandma and Lily (I stole this off my mom's camera.)

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