Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back to Berlin (but most of the pics are still on Carrie's camera in Portland)

Mom at the Jewish Memorial

Potzdamer Platz- we had dinner here the first night I arrived, since it was within walking distance of our hotel.

The Lego Giraffe at Potzdamer.

A section of the wall that was painted.

The Brandenberg Gate.

A nice truck-- the driver stopped for mom to take this photo even though the light turned green!

Oh great, I'm forgetting now. I think this is the Dome of something.

Cool statues.

Where they had essentially a free outdoor museum on Berlin and the wall. In Alexanderplatz. Also some sort of Michael Jackson thing was going on. We were so lucky to hear, "Heal the World" at least two times while we were reading.

More another day, perhaps!

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Anonymous said...

Hey - it's the Berliner Dom - the big cathedral in Berlin. I was there and it is just beautiful inside and out. I love armchair travelling with you.
love, auntie dj