Monday, May 11, 2009

Rethinking things

I was welcomed to the Bay of Islands with two solid days of rain, grey skies and a forecast that's not going to let up on either of those. The hostel that I've arranged to work at isn't quite the experience that Oamaru was.

Janine, a Vancouver, BC-ite, checked me in and showed me our room, which is located off the back of the office hallway. I think it used to be the office, as it's smaller than any bedroom I've ever had and still has four bunks in it, as well as a shelf and small fridge. I wasn't sure where to put my backpack, so I wedged it next to the bed. After a tour, I went for a walk through the town, all two streets. It's a relative ghosttown and no wonder with this weather. I'd envisioned walks and reading and writing, but I doubt I'll be having any of that.

I returned home and settled into my bunk, deciding that it was easier to sleep in my clothes than drag out the nightgown and try to figure out how to get changed in there. This is going to sound like I'm a total paranoid now, but I was mildly claustrophobic in the room. I thought, "What if there was a fire?" Then I realised the window opened. The bunks are jammed into such a small room that the top bunks are about three feet from the ceiling, so it's not like I can sit up in bed. Also I am too big for the bed and my feet hang off. (I'm not even that large, c'mon now!) And finally, I woke up with the worst backache I've had in a very long time.

So I got up early and tiptoed out of the bedroom after being told over and over that the owner is very particular. "Don't slam the door to the office." "Walk quietly up the stairs" "He likes the towels folded a certain way." "It's easier to just do things his way." Etc, etc. I was not too keen to meet someone who is so controlling and anal. I have yet to see what I would consider a genuine smile on this guy's face.

The combination of the weather and the rigid, suffocating atmosphere of this hostel has made me rethink my plans once again. I've put tickets on hold to return to the states via Fiji on Friday. I'd have eight days in Fiji and be back in LAX on the 24th of May. Guess I will let you know if I actually buy those tickets tomorrow. Sometimes plans change.

I don't have any photos to publish as there were none worth taking. Heh, heh.


Josh and Molly said...

Oh boy, oh boy! Let me know if you book them!

auntie dj said...

I checked the Fiji weather and it looks like you will leave in the sunshine!!! I think that is always good but not in our control. Molly sounds just a little excited, however, I would have thought at this stage she would say Oh girl, oh girl!!!!
See you soon somewhere in the world.
love, auntie dee and uncle ross