Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last day in Fiji

I've got some beautiful photos to share, but I forgot my camera cord, darn it!

I'm so excited to be coming home that I've barely slept in a week. Fiji is country 39 that I've visited. Not too shabby for an almost 33-year-old.

I was determined to go for a walk today, so after my morning continental breakfast served by the kind staff at Bluewater Lodge (papaya, toast, coffee and juice), I drenched myself in sunscreen and set off for town. After about 45 minutes in the sun, I started to feel anxious that my whiteness in combination with the suncreen would not do enough to reflect the evil rays. This is yet another drawback to having almost albino pigmentation (thanks, mom and dad). Realistically, I'm not a beach vacation person. Too much ADHD, not enough melanin. So here I am sitting in an internet cafe, hiding from Mr. Sun, the guy who most of these tourists are here to see. On my last day in Fiji. A little insane, yes. But at least I am not getting skin cancer today.


Preeti said...

So Globe trotter is finally heading home huh :)
It really enjoyed travelling via your blog :) Hope red carpets are all ready awaiting your arrival :)


sara said...

Thanks! I missed seeing you at grad. I hope you are having heaps of fun working in NZ- and anytime you're in the states, you're always welcome to crash wherever I am! :)