Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Please fix me

I spoke with a doctor in the states today about a posting for an associate optometrist. It was apparent from the start of the call that he wasn't really interested, but we continued the conversation since it had been started. In the end, he was really looking for someone who was married, maybe with kids, who'd want to settle down and become part of the community. He said that.

I don't know why a single person is considered such a reliability risk and a single woman even a worse risk. I guess she's likely to get married and knocked up and move away, since women always just do what their husbands want. I'd like to have someone conduct a study and note whether single people do, in fact move more, stray from jobs sooner, or suddenly become impregnated by artificial insemination when they'd not even been thinking of it.

I'd say that we single people are the number one nemesis of planet earth. If we weren't all wandering the world, flying on planes, trying to find ourselves, would there truly be global warming? Nah. It's our fault!

What else is our fault? Too much drinking and tottering home to buy McDonald's in the middle of the night. I hazard a guess that's probably keeping those fast-food joints open and contributing immensely to the rising global obesity rates.

I'm going to keep thinking here.

I'm tired of the world pointing a finger at me because I'm not married. It's been going on since I became single at the age of 28. Years of people telling me, Mr. Perfect will be the next one through the door. Don't worry, you can always adopt. How come you're not married? As if I have a disease to be cured.

That is the end of the rant. There is nothing (drastically) wrong with me that needs to be fixed, other than my haircut. Hah.


auntie dj said...

I fixa you if you fixa me - what to do with a laid-off 62 year old woman with white hair????? I think I could be a tour director for seniors however I do not have the patience.
It seems like you might not want to work with this guy anyway....that's a pretty narrow life.
love, auntie dj

Rachel said...

My theory is that parents learned to abandon their lives when they had kids so they are used to being subjugated - hence they make good stable employees. I'm a single person and I'm ready to flee at any minute. So bascially I put a bad name to all single people. In fact, I'm giving 1 week notice to the job I've had for 1 week in about... 2 days. Whoops!

But yeah, looking for a job is lame, and in your field it seems even lamer, so all I can say is GOOD LUCK and stick with it and have fun relaxing in Fiji...

lourdes said...

Not sure that marriage makes you stable. I've been married for eight years and have changed jobs and lived in different states at least 4 times. And, we're getting itchy feet to move back East.
And, I think that you are perfect just the way that you are.

sara said...

Ha ha. Thanks for all your comments. :)

I should say that I'm probably really not
ready to settle down anyway... so maybe they are right. And the idea of a job that's just temporary sounds fantastic to me also. The evilness!

See you North Americans very soon, for a while anyway... until I decide that I need to backpack South America. Hahah. Not kidding!