Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Flight Schedule: (purchased today, Wednesday the 13th)

Fri May 15
Depart Auckland 13.00 Arrive Fiji 16.00; Air Pacific 410; 3 hours
Staying at Bluewater Lodge (a boutique backpackers)

Sat May 23
Depart Fiji 10.00 Arrive Los Angeles 13.20; Air Pacific 810; 10:20 hours
Staying at Brian Schultz Hotel

Sun May 24
Depart Los Angeles 06.00 Arrive Portland 08.20; Alaska Airlines 561
Staying at Carrie & Oatie Schultz Hotel


Rachel said...

Don't forget that Monday is Memorial Day - be sure to get yourself to a Portland BBQ stat. And go grab breakfast at the Detour for me, I miss that portland place. Anywyas going home is exciting, and we'll be crossing travel paths in and out of the USA so I'll be following your reaction to being home as I have my own freak out as to what the hell *I* am doing being gone again! :-)

Big Hugs!

auntie dj said...

I think both the Schultz chain of hotels you have chosen are boutique hotels - the Jones Hotel in Bloomington is also part of that exclusive chain:) - best yet, the rooms are FREE.
Have fun with Unka Bri in LA!
love, auntie dj

Mrs. Kim said...

I guess you've decided to skip the Kimotel in the Bay Area? :(

sara said...

I'll stop at the Kimotel after I get a some more underwear. Heheh. :) I'm serious!The flight was ridiculously cheap back to PDX, so I thought I might just get up there and find a car and then I will be free as a bird to do whatever I want for as long as I want. (Seeing as I've been so encumbered for so long with responsibilities.)

Yes, Rachel, I'll go to DETOUR!! I forgot about that place! Thanks for reminding me...

Will also visit deluxe Chateau La Jones in the near future.

Love to you all! Can't wait to see you.