Friday, January 23, 2009

TET -- Vietnam's New Year! (And Saigon)

Saigon, aka Ho Chi Minh City. The land of speeding motorbikes. Luckily we escaped in one piece.

Cu Chi Tunnels, one of the major sites of the French and Vietnam Wars

On the way to Hoi An via not one, but TWO overnight buses. I won't explain how we were so lucky.

So happy to be sleeping on my plastic seats.

Hoi An, Vietnam- a small town about halfway between Saigon and Hanoi full of artists and old buildings. It was completely untouched by all the wars, so buildings are over 300 years old.

Carrie at the cafe. Super food.

Lotus flower candles on the river.

Singing, dancing and fireworks on the river stage.

The Hoi An River, where they had all the signs of the Chinese zodiac floating among candle-lit lotus flowers.

Hoi An silk lanterns, we were pretty blown away by their simple beauty-- and $5 each.

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