Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My third entry into Thailand

It's good to be back in Thailand. It's more colorful in sights, smells, and people than Taiwan was- a little more like India without all the messes that that country entails.

I arrived a little after ten last night, semi-drunk from red wine and bailey's on the plane (not in the same glass!) and bumbled through immigration without the blink of an eyelash from the officer. After emerging into the airport in my altered state, I was having trouble reading the guidebook and finding the airport express bus to my guest house. Damn Rough Guides!

Finally exasperated, I asked an airport policeman, who promptly escorted me to the correct place, not without first trying to buy me a coffee and see if I wanted to go for a drink, "Tonight or tomorrow" night. I declined, but was furnished with not one, but TWO business cards. Gee, they sure mean it when they say, "Thailand is the land of smiles."

I slumped onto the bus and showed the driver where I was going. He said, "Why are you staying there? I really recommend you stay right off Kho San Road. It's where everything is. I'm serious!" He smiled largely, then walked back to his post.

I ended up talking to a German man across the aisle, Leo. He'd been to Thailand countless times and confirmed what the driver said. After talking a while, Leo offered to help me find a place (he was in the same boat). We were dropped off in Bangkok, along with an Aussie girl who also rode the bus with us and checked into P.S. Guesthouse just after midnight. I slept like a rock on my rock-hard bed.

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